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The Local Bubble & Beyond II

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April 21-24, 2008
Philadelphia, USA

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  • Observations of the Local ISM from Radio to Gamma Rays
  • ISM models, local and global
  • Bubbles and Superbubbles
  • Charge exchange in the lab, solar wind, and beyond
  • Connecting the Local Bubble with
    • the Heliosphere
    • the Sco-Cen Superbubble
    • the Galactic Halo
  • Future Observations and Observatories
  • Featured Debate: The Local Bubble: Hot or Not?

Invited Speakers

    Jane Arthur
    Martin Barstow
    Dieter Breitschwerdt
    Michael Collier
    Don Cox
    Tom Cravens
    You-Hua Chu
    Massimiliano Galeazzi
    Carl Heiles
    Ed Jenkins
    Dimitra Koutroumpa
    Kip Kuntz
    Jeff Linsky
    Dan McCammon
    Bill Oegerle
    Sally Oey
    Merav Opher
    Robin Shelton
    Jon Slavin
    Daniel Wang
    Barry Welsh

Science Organizing Committee

    B-G Andersson
    Dieter Breitschwerdt
    You-Hua Chu
    Priscilla Frisch
    Carl Heiles
    Rosine Lallement
    Leisa Townsley
    Robert Warwick
    Barry Welsh

Conference Organizers

    Randall Smith
    Steve Snowden
    K. D. Kuntz